Suggested Supply List

Our school provides all of the materials and supplies a student needs for classroom instruction; however, donations in any quantity of the following items are always appreciated. Many parents have asked for a list of supplies they could donate to the classroom. This is a suggested list of items that grade level teachers have identified as useful to their instructional program and purchase of these items are voluntary. Donated items will be used for the whole class use unless otherwise indicated.

The following items are used every day within the classroom and donations for classroom use are appreciated. These items are provided by the school, but your child may prefer his/her own.

Facial tissue 

Small pump size hand soap


Sharpened pencils 


Colored pencils

Colored Markers

Expo markers

Glue sticks Scissors

Pens:  Red/Green/Black


Spiral Notebook

Folders for handouts

Lined paper (loose-leaf)

Pencil sharpener


Small Stapler