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Today we had a wonderful assembly with speaker Tyler Durman! He spoke with students about how to make good choices in such an engaging way. If you would like to learn more about him and what message he is sharing with students, here is the link to his website:

2/6-2/8: We will be heading up to 6th grade camp at Pali Mountain in Running Springs (about 45 minutes away from Summit) this week!! Please be sure to check the camp packing list sent home with your child for information about the camp as well as what to pack for the three days. If you need another camp packet with information, those can be picked up in our office during school hours. I am so excited to go and I hope the kids are too.
***If your child is not going to Pali Mountain and is staying at Summit for these three days, they are still required to come to school at the regular time 7:40. They will also have a fun three days of science based, outdoor activities right on our campus.***

Here is the Chapter 5 social studies Jeopardy game if you would like to review it again before our test Friday 2/1 (click on the following words): Ch 5 China
1/31: Is your child struggling with either math or science homework? If so, there isfree tutoring resource through Harvey Mudd College.  This is a homework hotline where college students will walk callers through a math or science problem, step by step over the phone. This is the link if you are interested in checking it out: Homework Hotline Wednesday 12/19:
Last day to take A.R. quizzes and turn in missing or late work that will count towards progress report. Please check Aeries with your child to ensure they turn in all the necessary work by today, otherwise it will not be in the grade book in time for progress reports.

Here is the Chapter 4 social studies Jeopardy game if you would like to review it again before our test on Tuesday 12/18 (click on the following words): Ch.4 India
11/29: Here is the Chapter 3 social studies Jeopardy game if you would like to review it again before our test on Friday 11/30 (click on the following words): Ch.3 Egypt .ppt 11/1: The last day to turn in business day permission slips is tomorrow 11/2. If I don't receive a permission slip by this date, then those students will not be able to participate in our first business day of the school year. 10/22: Here is the Chapter 2 social studies Jeopardy game if you would like to review it again before our test on Wednesday 10/24 (click on the following words): Ch.2 Egypt .ppt Red Ribbon Week​ 10/23-10/26


Tuesday 10/23: Super Hero Day! ( Superheros don’t do drugs.) Superhero Obstacle Course: Swing into Action  this Tuesday, to participate in the superhero Obstacle course! Two students will have to dive, duck, and jump to avoid the obstacles in their way. The first team to finish wins.

Wednesday 10/24: Sunglasses Day! (We’re too cool for drugs.) For this activity, one student will wear blindfolded sunglasses. You will have a bowl of cotton balls and an empty bowl. While blindfolded, you have 30 seconds to use a spoon and put as many cotton balls into the empty bowl as possible.

Thursday 10/25: Jean Day! (I am a “jean” ius, I don’t do drugs.) This Wednesday’s lunchtime activity will be a Fang-tastic tongue twisters: One person from each class will be given an pair of fangs to wear while reciting tongue twisters.


Friday 10/26: Tie Dye Day! (We’re “past” drugs!) For this lunch time activity, you will need one representative from each class to participate in a cup stacking competition! Each student will have to stack and unstack a certain amount of cups to win this friendly tournament.

Today I will be sending home a report for each student that has missing assignments. Please review this with your child, sign it, and have them return it to me Monday 10/22. The last day I will take any make-up work from students is Thursday 10/25. Reminder: for every day an assignment is late, it gets deducted 10% off the total grade. At this point, if an assignment is more than 5 days late, they will receive 50% total. I want your children to be successful students so I'm hoping they will embrace this opportunity to turn in any missing work.
If there is an assignment on there that your child insists that they turned in to me, please have them check with me to ensure I didn't make a mistake.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Reminder: Last day for students to take an A.R. quiz that will be counted towards their trimester report card will be 
Thursday 10/25. ​ Please help your student check Renaissance Place to see how many points they are away from meeting their goal, and use this week and weekend to catch up if need be.

Reminder: Completed Mummy Books are due Wednesday 10/3 at the beginning of social studies.

Parent/Teacher conferences are coming up quick! Below you will find the final schedule of conferences. If there is a mistake, please let me know, and I will correct it promptly:


Final Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule 2018



Monday 9/24

Tuesday 9/25

Wednesday 9/26

Thursday 9/27


Jayden C.

Kennedy R.




Allison G.

Amelie O.

Tyler M.

David C.


Hailey S.

Robert I.

Savannah N.



Chase B.


Ahmad A.

Bianca M.



Yasmin M.


Congo N.


Time B.

Ethan B.

Alyssa R.



Matteo H.


Christian F.

Emily G.



George I.




Anasimon P.

Ari T.

Nataly G.

Faith M.


Julian D.

Lilly H.

Kaori D.



Ashley T.

Warren L.

Abigail I.

Andrew L.
























Derrick B.



REMINDER: please make sure your child can come with you. We will be conducting a student-led conference, meaning your child will be discussing their progress during this year so far. At the end, I will also provide other information about how their year is going and give you a chance to ask me questions as well :)

Here is the information about how to log into StudySync from your home computer:

Here is the link for the Kahoot! to practice for our Chapter 1 Section 1 Social Studies quiz tomorrow.

Hello there!

I know some parents were unable to make it to Back to School Night on Wednesday, so I am putting a link here so that you are able to view the slideshow presentation from the evening.

Also, there is a link to a Google Doc that lists all of the available dates and times for parent/teacher conferences for the last week of September. If you signed up on Back to School Night, then you are already on my list. If not, then please click the link, find a date and time that works for you, and email me the information listed on the page.

When it gets closer to the date, I will post a link to my schedule for the week of conferences as a reminder for your scheduled date/time.

If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to email :)

Back to School Night Presentation

Parent Teacher Conference Available Dates/Times