Positive Behavior Instruction Strategies

  1. Overholt Classroom Behavior Matrix

    Be Safe

    Be Responsible

    Be Respectful

    Arrival to Class

    Observe personal space

    Put backpack under desk

    Have materials out at the beginning of the period (this includes Pride Planner)

    Quietly report to your assigned seat

    During Instruction

    Keep all 4 legs of the chair on the floor

    Observe personal space

    Stay focused on the teacher (SLANT)

    Follow instructions the first time they are given

    Ask questions if you need help

    Listen to instructions

    Help others around you if they are open to it

    Turning in Assignments

    Have assignments ready for collection with first and last name and class number clearly labeled

    Hand in your paper to person collecting

    Sign your name if you’re not turning in the assignment

    Use of Classroom Materials

    Handle supplies correctly

      scissors, glue, markers, calculators, rulers

     white boards, whiteboard markers

    Put materials away where they belong

    Use materials only when asked to do so

    Use materials in the way in which they were intended to be used

    Group/Pair Work

    Observe personal space

    Participate/Pull your weight

    Work to the highest ability/Strive for excellence

    Make positive , encouraging comments

    Be patient with all group members/Share and accept others ideas and thoughts

    Absences and Late Work

    Look on the website for missed work

    Get missed work from the “Extra Extra file and or Absence Folder located in your hanging file

    Ask fellow classmates to copy their notes

    Ask the teacher if you still need assistance

    Turn work directly into the teacher/never a substitute

    No late/missing work will be accepted

    Wait until the appropriate time to discuss absent assignments


    Sign out and sign in

    One person at a time

    Always wear a yellow vest

    Quickly use the facilities

    Use restroom during passing period

    Flush the toilet/Wash your hands

    Re-enter class discreetly

    Wait until the appropriate time to ask

    Tests and Quizzes

    Walk your test to the the turn in folder when finished

    Follow test instructions

    Use appropriate materials

    Quietly work on an approved activity when your test/ quiz is finished

    Be Silent


    Wait behind your pushed in chair  to be dismissed


    Clean up your area/desk and floor

    Wait to be dismissed