March 9th-13th
LA: Rest! iReady tomorrow


A: Rest! iReady tomorrow

SS: Work on Biography poster (see rubric)

LA:  Rest! iReady tomorrow

SS: Work on Biography poster (see rubric)

LA:  No HW

SS: Work on Biography poster (See rubric)

March 2nd-6th
Monday: LA: Finish think Question For The teacher who changed my life

SS: Chapter 7 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Tuesday: LA: Brain Storm for The Teacher Who Changed my Life

SS: Finish Research Chart
Wednesday: LA:
Work on Giver Summaries Ch. 4,5,6 (10 min)

Finish purple Figurative Language for Narrative

SS: Finish Research Chart and choose Artists

Thursday: LA: Finish Giver Ch. 4,5,6 Summaries Finish Narrative Organizer Begin Writing Narrative (10-20 min) SS: NO HW

February 24th-28th Monday: LA: Outsiders Vocab And Finding the Evidence #1-4 in SS Text

SS: Chapter 7-2 Vocab and Section Review #1-4 in SS NB Tuesday: LA: Finish Outsiders Tchart for Think Question # 1. only T chart, not complete paragraph

SS: Finish illumination Draft. (Google Classroom)
Wednesday: LA: Outsiders Vocabulary Quiz on Study Sync SS: Finish Illumination Project
Thursday: LA: Work on The Giver Summaries SS: Read Ch. 7-3/ SW- 7-2 quiz on Google Classroom