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Homework is an extension of the activities done in class. It may

also be a preparation activity for the next day's lesson. I try

to provide students with the opportunity to manage their own time and

responsibilities, therefore I post work for the week to accomplish this


However, I may make changes as we go depending on how we were able to

carry out the objectives and goals for each day.

At the beginning of EVERY class, students need to check the Homework wall

in class and enter any changes to their Pride Planner for that day.


that are asked to do work over or who do not finish classwork will have to

enter that specific work in their planner. It won't be entered on this


Reading every night for 30 minutes is expected and it is recommended that

students read their AR books.

AR policy: Required points are individualized per trimester.  I require

1/2 of their goal points due per

grading period (EVERY SIX WEEKS.)

The level students read is based on their STAR test score and it is

up to them to find those books and have their parent approve. This is a

quiz/project grade and it is very important.

AR Due Dates (for my class, and subject to change per announcement):

Sept. 14

Oct. 19

Dec. 14

Feb. 06

April 6

May 11

NO NAME papers will be considered missing and require a parent signature to verify it is late. Please remember your PROPER HEADING on every assignment.

Late Pass Policy:  For Trimesters 1 and 2 only: Students may

turn in a late work with Parent signature only. Trimester 3 there will be no late work accepted.


If students have completed a late assignment on STUDYSYNC, then they must

submit it online and ALSO print it out and have it signed by a parent.

Parents may want to establish what they feel is an appropriate

limit for late work. Trimester 3 the policy changes;NO late work unless prearranged with teacher by the parent.