Mrs. Belluomini

About The Teacher

Mrs. Belluomini
My family and I lived in Etiwanda for 15 years, but moved 
to Temecula, California in 2012.  Prior to this we lived in 
Bakersfield, California.  My husband, Michael and I have 
been married 36 years and have three children, all of which 
have graduated from Summit Intermediate. All of our children 
graduated from Etiwanda High School. Our daughter in 2003, 
and our sons in 2005 and 2009. Our daughter graduated from 
SDSU in May 2007 and in May of 2009, she graduated from 
Cal State Long Beach with her master's degree in speech 
pathology/language disorders. She has been married for 8 
years and she and her husband had their first child in April 
2014 and welcomed home their second child June of 2016! 
They recently moved across the country to West Palm Beach, 
Florida. My oldest son earned his degree in environmental 
engineering at SDSU and was fortunate to secure a job with 
Flat Iron Steel. He married his long time girl friend, whom 
we love dearly in November of 2012! She is a registered nurse 
at Temecula Valley Hospital. They have one darling little girl 
that was born August 2015 and a son born November 2017! 
Their family also now lives in Temecula which
allows me to see my grandchildren frequently!

My youngest son moved to Temecula 
in the summer of 2017 after working in the Bay Area 
for a year and a half. He works for my husband's steel 
company, Advanced Concepts Construction Inc. as a 
project manager.
This is my 22nd year teaching at the middle school level. I have 
worked in the education field most of my adult life in some form
or another.  I started as a teacher's aid at the high school and
adult school when I was still in college back in 1983.  I have 
taught at the adult school and have worked numerous years
as a substitute teacher.  I earned my business degree 
from Cal State Bakersfield in 1985, and finished the 
credential program at Chapman University. 
I love working with students at the middle school 
grades.  In fact, when I was substitute teaching I almost
always worked at the Junior High level.  Maybe I was the
only one crazy enough to sub at that level, but I found that 
that is where I enjoyed myself the most.  I believe 
students at this age really need some positive role models
and hopefully they will get that from being in my class! :) 
Mrs. Belluomini
Mission For The Class
Our mission for the 8th graders this year is not only to gain 
academic knowledge, but to gain some organizational and 
self-reliant skills that they will be able to use throughout
their lives.  Preparation for high school and college is also 
a goal I have for each one of my students.  We also hope 
the class finds this year as one of their most exciting 
and memorable.