We are using IXL in order to review for the end of the year state testing.  Most of the homework to finish the year will be time spent on IXL.  You should be spending a certain amount of time each day, so that you can earn the total points.

Students were assigned a Math Project.  The details for this project is on Google Classroom, which everyone had a chance to review.  The project will be due May 3rd.

Monday 4/22: 
Math - IXL: 50 points for 50 minutes(spread out over the week)
Science - 

Tuesday 4/23:
Math - Continue IXL (50 minutes=50 points)     
Science - 

Wednesday 4/24:
Math - Continue IXL (50 minutes=50 points)       **Test tomorrow
Science - 

Thursday 4/25:
Math - Continue IXL (50 minutes=50 points)
Science -