Please check this site for homework assignments and occasional special notices. I will only assign homework if I believe the students can work on it independently.  I spend a great deal of time in class going over examples of the math concepts. We use calculators on most assignments so they can master the general concept and method.  Please feel free to have your student work on basic math facts whenever possible. Children learn best when given real situations in which to use these skills, so take them shopping with you.  Give them a phone calculator, and have them figure out the bill. Ask them to make up a math problem and you can both work to figure it out. Everyone needs to practice their math skills, right?!

AT ALL TIMES - If your student has no math work to do at home and you want them to get extra practice, they may go online to their iReady account and do an iReady lesson.  It gives specific lessons on what each individual student is missing on assessments. The lessons are approximately 15 - 25 minutes long if they focus. Do not overdo the homework for them, but this is better screen time than 3 hours with a video game.  I can track their progress by date, time spent on the lesson, and accuracy.

Homework has started!
8/20-8/21: 7th grade: Math - Fractions Worksheets - most finished in class
8th grade: Math - Exponents Worksheets 2, 3
8/22: 7th grade: Math - None - New Concept - QUIZ on Friday - Fractions (Like Classwork & Notes)
8th grade: Math - Exponents Worksheet 4; QUIZ on Friday to mirror Homework, classwork 8/27-8/28: 7th Grade - Fractions to Decimals ws 8th Grade - Exponents Multiply & Divide 8/29: 7th grade - Math - Decimals to Fractions; Science - Study for Friday's Test 8th grade - Math - Mult./Divide Exponents cont. 9/4: 7th grade - Math - Compare Decimals 8th grade - Math - Multiply by Powers of Ten 9/5: 7th grade - Math - Compare Fractions (using Decimals) 8th grade - Math - Divide by Powers of Ten 9/11: 7th grade is working on a new concept, so no work to take home 8th grade - Rounding worksheet - most finished 9/17 - 9/20 - Both grades are working with concepts that need direct supervision as they practice or they will practice the wrong way. Students may work on basic facts or IXL drills of their choice at home if you must have something for them to do. I will include all of the IXL usernames and passwords in their Friday Folders this week.