Honor Band

An Honor Band is like a musical "all-star" group.  Many students from Summit take part in our Etiwanda District Honor Band.  Sixth grade students are recommended by their director and placed on a space available basis.  Seventh and Eighth grade students try out in a competitive audition to earn their spot.  

Auditions for the Etiwanda District Honor Band take place in December. All seventh and eighth grade students are encouraged to audition. The audition consists of major scales from Concert Db around the circle to Concert D, a full-range chromatic scale, a prepared piece, and sight-reading.  We will discuss this much more in class.


If you have enjoyed being part of the Etiwanda Honor Band, you might want to try out for other honor bands!  Here's a few others to consider that students from Summit have enjoyed participating in: 

King Karl King Honor Band--held each May at Riverside Community College 

All Southern California Middle School Honor Band: This is an honor band that is comprised of the very best musicians from all over Southern California.  All-Southern is only for students willing to practice VERY hard! Most students who make All-Southern have private lessons and are very serious musicians who practice a lot! Summit has had a few students make this group over the past several years, but it is a big challenge. 

If you made the district honor band in 7th grade and wish to audition as an 8th grader for the SCSBOA honor band, please talk to Mr. Peske right away.  Applications are due in October.