Homework for the week of August 19th
Thursday, August 22nd
CW: Math test study guide
HW: Math book page 253
Make sure your study guide is complete with a parent signature
Spiral Review is due tomorrow
Vocab quiz and Chapter 3 math test tomorrow
CW: Chapter 2 test
HW: Bring your Double Door notes, we will be checking them in class tomorrow. 

Wednesday, August 21st
CW: multiplication and division quiz, Integers outline practice problems
HW: Integer Puzzle-
Solve the integer problems, cut out the squares, and rearrange the squares on the other paper matching the problem with its answer-like pieces of a puzzle. 

Vocabulary quiz and chapter 3 math test on Friday

CW: Chapter 2 test study guide
HW: Test study guide due tomorrow with a parent signature on it! 
Chapter 2 test tomorrow

Tuesday, August 20th
CW: notes on 3-4, page 247
HW: book page 249 OR Advanced Enrich worksheet
Multiplying and Dividing Quiz tomorrow
Vocabulary quiz and chapter 3 math test on Friday
CW: 2-2 quiz and work on chapter 2 test study guide
HW: finish at least one side of the study guide
Chapter 2 test on Thursday. Study guide due Thursday with a parent signature. 

 Monday, August 19th
CW: Notes on 3-4
HW: Regular page 239
Advanced Enrich worksheet
Vocabulary quiz and chapter 3 math test on Friday
CW: Worked on pamphlet
HW:Finish pamphlet-due tomorrow.
2-2 quiz tomorrow
Chapter 2 test Thursday

Homework for the week of August 12th

Thursday, August 15th
CW: Review the Spiral Review
Math quiz
HW:Study for your Part 2 quiz tomorrow
Math book pages 225-226
Spiral Review due tomorrow
CW: Building Blocks worksheet-due tomorrow
HW: Work on your Double Door Foldable which is due Wednesday

Wednesday, August 14th
CW: Quiz Review for lessons 1-3
HW: Everyone do page 228
Set up your 3-4 notes
Finish the Integer Maze. Solve ALL the problems! The pathway must be in color!
Quiz tomorrow on chapter 3, lessons 1-3.
CW: Read pages 58-61
HW:Work on your Double Door Foldable. It is due Wednesday NEXT WEEK. 

Tuesday, August 13th
CW: We took notes on subtracting integers, classwork pg. 219
HW: Regular page 221 all and page 222 #35, 36 OR
Advanced option Enrich worksheet and page 222 #35, 36
Quiz Thursday on chapter 3, lessons 1-3
CW: quiz on 2-1 and read pages 56-57, discussed
HW: Work on your Double Door notes bullet pointing important ideas from the Water, Air, Place to Live, and Food sections. 

 Monday, August 12
EVERYONE set up the 3-3 notes
Regular page 209
Advanced pages 207-208 problems 11-12, 15,16,17
Quiz on Thursday
Finish the 2-1 questions. Question #2,4,6,10 need to be in complete sentences! 
2-1 quiz tomorrow! 

Homework for the week of August 5th

Thursday, August 8th
Classwork-we did pages 199-202 in class today. 
Homework-Set-up your notes for chapter 3, lesson 2. Use your template we created in your Interactive Math Notebook to make your set-up. We also did lesson 1 together, so that is another source for you to use! 
You can work on the slides you chose to do. The slides are due Monday 20 minutes after the class period (you will have tomorrow class time to work, and the 20 minutes on Monday to work on them). 
The chp. 2, lesson 1 quiz is scheduled for Tuesday 8/13

Wednesday, August 7th
Back to School Night is tonight! I hope to see you! 
Regular page 197 and page 198 #31-38
Advanced 3-1 Enrich worksheet and page 198 #31-38

Finish your foldable for Characteristics of Living Things if you did not do so in class. 

Tuesday, August 6th
Back to school night is tomorrow night! Fliers were sent home with the students. We hope to see you there! 
Make a title page for the front cover of your Interactive Math Notebook (IMN) as well as a title page for chapter 3. You wrote down the information of what to do on post-it notes in class today on the pages you need to do this on! 
Complete page 190 in the math book. You need to write IN the book! 
Make a title page for your Interactive Science Notebook. Again, we wrote down what you need to include on a post-it note in your notebook in class today. 

Monday, August 5th-minimum day!

Back to School Night is Wednesday! I hope to see your parents or guardians there! 
Finish your Student Survey! It is due tomorrow! Use your best writing, add color to your page. Make it personalized! 
Give the paperwork you received today to your family. 
The Pride Planner slip is due on Friday!