Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:"I can't find my PE clothes. What should I do?"
"Check with the PE teachers. We keep a box of lost and found PE clothes
in the coach's office. Chances are they were left out and we picked them up
and placed them in the lost and found."

Q:"Somebody is breaking into my locker and stealing my things. How can this happen?"
"It probably isn't happening! Students do not 'break in' to lockers. Most
likely the locker was left open and the clothes or other were items left
out. Please check the lost and found before you accuse somebody of
stealing. Most of the time your items have been turned in."

Q: "I don't feel well. Do I have to dress?"
"Yes. Unless you have a doctor's excuse from dressing, you are required
to dress out everyday, even in inclement weather."

Q: "I can't remember my combination. What do I do?"
"Check with one of the PE teachers. We can help you!"

Q: "How can I qualify for SHARK ELITE?"
See page titled "Shark Elite and Shark Mile Club."