Shark Elite and Shark Mile Club

Shark Mile Club

The Summit Shark Mile Club Program has been designed to encourage all students, regardless of ability, to strive for their personal best each and every time the Shark Mile Run is performed in their physical education class. Additionally, awards are given throughout the year. Mile times earn the following awards:
Under 8 minutes - Shark Mile Club patch
Under 7 minutes - Shark Mile Club t-shirt (white)
Under 6 minutes - Shark Mile Club t-shirt (black)


Summit students will have an opportunity to qualify for SHARK ELITE, an exclusive fitness club on campus. Students will need to complete a specified number of perfect push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and a 1.5 mile run under the allotted time to join the club. (See below) The Shark Elite test will be administered each trimester during the school year. Unfortunately, if a student is unable to participate on the assigned day, the test CANNOT be made up. Students who qualify will be invited to participate in the actual test. Students who meet the requirements on the test date will earn a SHARK ELITE certificate and SHARK ELITE gear to wear proudly. 

Girls Requirements: Boys Requirements:
3 Pull-Ups 6 Pull-Ups
45 Sit-Ups in 1 min 45 Sit-Ups in 1 min
20 Perfect Push-Ups 25 Perfect Push-Ups
1.5 Mile Run Under 12 minutes 1.5 Mile Run Under 11:30