Distance Learning

Work Due for Mr. Griffin Week of 5/18 to 5/22
- Letter to Mr. Griffin's next year students
- Brochure (trifold) of a recap of our year including one side for math, science, language arts, and social studies.

Work Due for Mr. Griffin week of 5/11 to 5/15
Monday May 11 - Math Review #21
Tuesday May 12 - Chapter 10 Math Test
Wednesday May 13- Math Review
Thursday May 14 - Science Test Chapter 10
Friday May 15- Design a species/Math Review #5
Last week of Google Meets! There will be assignments next week.

Happy Mother's Day!  Meets this week will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday all at 10AM with Friday be our last official meet of the year.  There will be I summer bridge document I will post on Google Classroom and my website for optional summer activities.  There will be two tests this week.  It is fine if students take these open book.

Due Monday  May 4 Review Math Notes, Math Review 5/4, and Read 10-3,
Due Tuesday May 5Math Vocabulary 10-4/10-5
Due Wednesday May 6 10-4 Math Classwork, Science Natural Selection in Action Vocabulary
Due Friday May 8 10-5 Math Classwork, Science 10 Living Things Evolve.

Schedule for Week of May May 4 to May 8
May 4 Monday 10:00 AM
 Class Meeting (Explain Assignments) and Instruction on 10-4
May 5 Tuesday 10:00 - Help with 10-4
May 6 Wednesday 10:00 - Instruction 10-5 and help
May 8 Friday 10:00 Help with 10-5

Due Monday 4/27

Make a Copy of the Math Notes for the week

Read 10-1 Science

Google form mean/median/mode

Due Wednesday 4/29

Problem Solving Mean, Median, Mode and Range (May create 6 story problems and show work)

Central Tendencies Vocabulary - Google form

Science Quiz 10-1

Due Friday 5/1

10-3 Misleading Graphs Page 817

Regular 1,3-7,9,14,15

Challenge 4-9, 14,15

Extra page page 819 10-13

Chapter 10-1 Science Quiz

Science Google Presentation - Darwin’s Assistant

Minimum 6 slides that describe your findings as Darwin’s Assistant on the Beagle.

If you do not have internet access you may write an essay.

Those that need more work do more slides  

Week Beginning 4/27

Monday 10

Class Meeting

Mean/Median/Mode Instruction

Help with classwork

Tuesday 10

Help with Classwork


Instruction on 10-3 (Box Plots)

Help with Classwork


Help with Classwork/Review

The Etiwanda School District provides virtual classroom lessons through the distance learning plan.  Please note that during virtual sessions there is no expectation of privacy, students and anything in their background will be in view of the class. Those who prefer not to have their image shown may elect to turn off the video camera during the virtual session.

April 20, 2020


Math - 10-1 and 10-2 Notes

Read Science Chapter 10 Section 2 

Due Wednesday


Chapter 9 Test

Vocabulary Quiz

10-1 page 797

Regular 1-7 odd, 8, 11, 12, 20, 21

Challenge 6-12, 20, 20

Extra 13-19 and Problem


Read chapter 10-2

Vocabulary 10-2

Extra Outline Chapter 10-2

Due Friday


Review Worksheet

Unbiased and Biased Samples

10-2 Page 805

Regular 1,3,4,6-10,16 and 17

Challenge 4-10, 16, and 17

Extra 11-15


Paragraph on How Does Evolution Happen - Darwin Article (Make sure you read Section first) (Google Classroom document) Can be extended into multiple paragraphs.

April 13, 2020
We will have Google Meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 this week.  
Math Due Wednesday
5-6 Page 401 All (Doc on Google Classroom)
Science Due Wednesday
10-1 Vocabulary (Doc on Google Classroom) or Write a sentence for each highlighted yellow word in 10-1.

April 10, 2020 We will have google meets on Monday Wednesday Friday of next week at 10AM.  There will be three math assignments and two science assignments each week for the rest of the school year.  I appreciate the effort and participation.

April 6, 2020 We will Meet Monday Wed and Friday at 10.  i will teach on 9-6 and 9-7 on Monday and Wednesday.  Assignments are posted on Google Classroom.  The meet link will be posted on Google Classroom.

April 6, 2020
Science due by Friday
You have found a fossil and want to find out how old it is.  Using what you know from chapter 8 explain the various ways you could determine the age of the fossil.  Minimum 4 sentences and 2 different ways to find the age of the fossil.
Chapter 8 Sections 3
9-6 Permutations  Due Wednesday Reg 1-5 odd,6, 8-11, 22, 23 Challenge 7-13, 22, 23
9-7 Independent and Dependent Events Due Friday
Regular 1-9 odd, 11-14, 29, 30 Challenge 6, 11-15, 29, 30
Math Review (Only on Google Classroom)

 Monday March 30, 2020
Here is the link for the notes for math for the next two weeks.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pkGDYYuUL0xCeSnJigFv8kMJIm2QJW87aTBPpp-w2zs/edit?usp=sharing.  It is on google classroom also
Starting on Page 745 9-4 Regular 1-5 odd, 6,  7, 9, 10, 16, 17
                                     Challenge 5-10, 16, 17

Starting on Page 761  9-5  Regular 1-7 odd, 8,9, 11, 12, 22, 23
                                      Challenge 7-13, 22, 23

Science for this week Chapter 8 Lesson 2
Read the section starting on page 270 and do the section review on page 275 1-10

Sunday March 29, 2020  

I will be having a google meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 AM as long as we are doing distance learning.  I will be teaching math lessons Monday and Wednesday and generally checking in on Friday.  I will have assignments and notes for the rest of Chapter 9 posted by then.  Please be sure to check in an join me tomorrow at 10:00 .  I check both my email and google classroom throughout the day if you have questions or just want to chat.  Parents or Students I'd love to hear from you.  All work can be shared on Google Classroom or emailed to me.

If you are having problems with your district issued Chromebook then contact the technology department here: http://cb.etiwanda.org/chromebooks-s/default2.asp

 Some news and information.  First, the president stated in a news conference if we do come back this year you will not take the state testing.  Next, had my first google meets and put me in such a good mood!  Thank you for those of you that signed on.  I will do another one next week.

ALERT video chat all students and parents invited.  I will post here and in my google classroom.  Friday March 20 at 10 AM  Please pass the word.

Hello students and parents.  In this trying time I want you to know I am here to support your children.  I will keep my google classroom and school email throughout the day even if they want to say hello.  Please have your child cc their parent(s) if they email so that we are all on the same page.  My intent is for them to keep their brains active not frustrate them.  IXL is always a fall back if other material is too difficult.  Of course please have your child reading at least 30 minutes a day.

http://cb.etiwanda.org/chromebooks/default2.asp for district technology links including connect ed.

Forgot your email?  Contact them here. helpdesk@etiwanda.org
Lots of sites have given free access during this time to their programs including Brain Pop.

Wednesday through Friday
Science Read Chapter 8 Section 1 and do the section review starting on page 235 with the section review on 237

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1udrlA06Nu5q1l2Gws5HVUNsktiW4VcfyOPHCshVTagQ/edit?usp=sharing (These are the notes for Chapter 9)

Math we will do 9-1 through 9-3.  Pages 715, ,725 and 737.  Look at the examples in your book.  I will put a resource on my google classroom page also.  If you find it too difficult no worries.  Work on IXL.  Remember the diagnostic will give you recommended lessons.