Extra Credit
Language Arts: ExtraCreditLetter.doc  Formal Sample Letter Extra Credit.doc
Students may write a formal letter to a government official (city, state, federal, 
school, etc).  The letter will include a minimum of three paragraphs.  Letters must 
be typed, edited, and free of errors.  A requirement sheet is available on the web 
under "class forms".  One letter per trimester will be accepted. If it meets all of the 
requirements, the letter is worth a 5% raise in the Language Arts grade. 
This is a generous opportunity!
Social Studies: Community Service.doc Students may complete 5 hours of community service per trimester for extra credit in social studies.5 hours = 5%, raise in the social studies grade. These hours may include yard work for a neighbor, tutoring a younger child, volunteering at a hospital, nursing home, church organization, sports organization, library, helping the city with its adopt-a-wall program, or just about any other unpaid service performed for a community member. Students may also volunteer to stay after school to help teachers, the librarian, and/or office staff.