1st Trimester

8/05/19 - Bring back both teal papers back with signatures.
                  - Finish ALL About ME Circle and bring it back cut out.
8/06/19 - Finish Friendly Letter to Mrs. Duffy.
8/07/19 - Complete at least 3 boxes from your timeline (it doesn't matter which
                    years).That includes drawing/photo, caption and coloring. Make sure to
                    interview your family for ideas.
                      * Please have your parents come to Back to School Night!
                      *6th grade Camp Presentation starts at 5:30 in the MPR/Cafeteria
                       *Classroom Presentations start at 6:00.   
8/08/19 - Complete 3 more boxes from your timeline. This entire project is due
                     Monday, 8/12/19. 
                  - Homeroom- we will be organizing your backpacks tomorrow. Make sure
                     to have all your materials. Switch- we will doing yours on Monday.

8/12/19 - AR reading and log completion for Monday.
                  - Disregard Matrix instructions and write definitions and example 
                     sentences for your 12 vocabulary words. Follow the instructions given
                     in class.
8/13/19 - AR reading and log completion for Tuesday.
                  - If you did not come prepared today with vocabulary please follow the
                    directions: Disregard Matrix instructions and write definitions and
 sentences for your 12 vocabulary words. Follow the
                     instructions given
 in class.
                    - Make sure to read the AR form with your parent and sign.
8/14/19 - AR reading and log completion for Wednesday.
                  - Pick a Wednesday matrix vocabulary activity and complete it.
                  - Social studies workbook pages 2-3 ( Switch-grey arrows only).
                  -Homeroom only - Make sure to go over Wednesday Folders with a 
                    parent and bring it back signed.
8/15/19 - AR reading for Thursday. Log due tomorrow.
                - Pick Thursday vocabulary matrix activity to complete. Whole matrix
                   packet is due tomorrow.
                 - Study for Vocabulary Quiz
                 - Complete page 2 of Eleven handout.
                 - Switch only - finish pages 2-3 of social studies workbook.
                 - Bring back Wednesday Folder signed and with grades recorded.
                 *** TOMORROW IS DENIM DAY!***

Upcoming Parent Education Night

On Wednesday, 8/21, Clark Morrow, from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, will be presenting “Latest Trends in Social Media” to our parents at 6 pm in the gym. This will be an all-ESD event. We would love to see you there!  8/19/19 L.A. - AR reading/log - Vocabulary flashcards - Finish Eleven handout if not done in class. S.S. - Finish workbook pages 1-5 8/20/19 L.A. - AR reading/log - Tuesday Matrix - choose 1 box to complete. S.S. - Guided Reading 1-1 - Study for Quiz 1-1 8/21/19 L.A. - AR reading/log - Wednesday Matrix - choose 1 box to complete. 8/22/19 L.A. - AR reading log due - Complete Thursday Matrix. Then staple it to the other matrix assignments this week with the flashcards on top. - Study for vocabulary test. S.S. - Workbook pages 7-9. *** - Tomorrow is Spirit Day! Wear white, teal or both!