Announcements / Upcoming Events
November 12, 2018:
Apologies for not updating grades before tonight! I have had quite a chaotic two weeks. I have updated your students' grades in AERIES. Students will review their grades this week and submit corrections for the Chapter 6 math quiz on Tuesday, November 13th. 

We will be reviewing for the Chapter 5 science test on Wednesday, 11/14, and the Chapter 6 math test on Thursday, 11/15. 
Minimum day on Friday, 11/16 dismissal at 12:45pm. 
"A Christmas Carol Musical" Pomona College on Thursday, 11/29. 
November 2, 2018:
Report Cards come home with your student today! My AERIES gradebook for the second trimester will not be updated until after the weekend. I am on an overnight band tournament trip with EHS this weekend and will NOT have the time to grade/record scores. I was in a car accident on Halloween and while my son and I are fine, I had to take yesterday off to handle insurance business and rest.

I truly appreciate your students who took that into consideration and were respectful and responsible with the guest teacher, Mr. Escobedo, and followed all the PBIS standards set for in our class and school. It was a relief to read that there were many that did not follow others who made poor choices in their behavior or participated in the off-task and disruptive actions of others.

Family Life Instruction begins on December 3rd, and in order to participate, ALL students will need to return a signed consent form. I will be handing those out to students who haven’t turned them in yet. Please NOTE that the materials will be available for preview at Summit.  

Here are the upcoming dates for assessments:

SBAC Interim Assessment-On Tuesday, November 6th

iReady #2 on Tuesday, November 27th

MATH:    Chapter 6 Test will be on Thursday, November 15, with NOTES. LATE assignments will be graded for a maximum of 50% of total earned points beginning in trimester 2.

SCIENCE:​ Quiz on Section 5-2 with notes on Friday, 11/9, Chapter 5 Test on Wednesday, November 14th, with NOTES.  LATE assignments will be graded for a maximum of 50% of total earned points beginning in trimester 2.

Minimum Days: November 16th, 26th-12:45pm dismissal

Thanksgiving Break: November 17-25

October 19, 2018:
Wednesday, October 24th, is the LAST day that I will be accepting late, missing, absent work for partial credit for the end of trimester 1. It is critical that your student checks AERIES for any assignments in BOLD letters that qualify. I MUST have this work in on October 24th, in order to process the grades by the district's due date. Thank you for supporting your student and me with this.

We will begin chapter 6 in Math on Monday with an overview of the vocabulary and some review of the basic skills needed. Students wanting to take the Test to 'test out' of the chapter for an Alternate Study Contract, will take the test on Monday, during math period, and must score 95% on the test. Please look over chapter 6 if you'd like to take the test. 

Next week we celebrate being Red Ribbon Week!! Awareness of the hazards of drugs, alcohol, and smoking (tobacco/vaping).  We encourage you to have these conversations with your student now, to help them navigate the choices that they will have to make in the future. 

Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday 10/23: Super Hero Day! ( Superheros don’t do drugs.) Superhero Obstacle Course: Swing into Action  this Tuesday, to participate in the superhero Obstacle course! Two students will have to dive, duck, and jump to avoid the obstacles in their way. The first team to finish wins.

Wednesday 10/24: Sunglasses Day! (We’re too cool for drugs.) For this activity, one student will wear blindfolded sunglasses. You will have a bowl of cotton balls and an empty bowl. While blindfolded, you have 30 seconds to use a spoon and put as many cotton balls into the empty bowl as possible.

Thursday 10/25: Jean Day! (I am a “jean” ius, I don’t do drugs.) This Wednesday’s lunchtime activity will be a Fang-tastic tongue twisters: One person from each class will be given an pair of fangs to wear while reciting tongue twisters.

Friday 10/26: Tie Dye Day! (We’re “past” drugs!) For this lunch time activity, you will need one representative from each class to participate in a cup stacking competition! Each student will have to stack and unstack a certain amount of cups to win this friendly tournament.

October 14, 2018:
We continue to work on finishing the first trimester with great effort, attitudes, and achievement. Please be sure to sign up with School Messenger. Mrs. Kvalheim emailed the link to your AERIES emails during our Parent/Student Conferences. We will use this to communicate with you notifications, events, etc.  It's another way we are able to foster communication between school and home.

Upcoming Dates:
Monday, October 15-Minimum Day 12:45pm dismissal
Wednesday, October 24-LAST DAY FOR LATE/ABSENT/MISSING WORK SUBMISSIONS TO RECEIVE PARTIAL CREDIT. In order to have enough time to process grades for Report Cards, this deadline MUST be kept! Also, ONLY assignments in all CAPITAL letters are eligible for partial credit when submitted. 
Friday, October 26-Trimester 1 ENDS
Monday, October 29-Minimum Day 12:45pm dismissal
 - NEW electives begin/START of Trimester 2
Wednesday, October 31-Halloween IS A REGULAR DAY. Costume guidelines/dresscode to be sent home soon.
Monday, November 12-Veteran's Day Holiday recognized-NO SCHOOL
Monday, November 16-Minimum Day 12:45pm dismissal
Monday-Friday, November 19-23-Thanksgiving Holiday Week NO SCHOOL
Monday, November 26-School Resumes-Minimum Day 12:45pm dismissal

Thanks to all the parents, students, and families that donated materials and $ for the Solar Oven Event on Friday, 9/21. IT WAS AWESOME!! Thanks for helping me bring science to life in a fun and engaging way! We are finishing the project with a real-life application to HUNGER and Lack of Water issues around the country and world. I hope that you will help us as we research and look to provide solutions/ideas in our class reports. WORLD HUNGER DAY is October 16th, and I'm hoping that we are able to put together something for our students to inform and encourage action on our campus for this severe problem.

Upcoming Dates:
Monday-Friday, September 24-28-PARENT CONFERENCES. MINIMUM days all week with a 12:45pm dismissal.
Monday, October 15-Minimum Day 12:45pm dismissal
Monday, October 29-Minimum Day 12:45pm dismissal 

Please sign up for School Messenger so that you can receive announcements regarding our class events/projects and important reminders. Download the app and get all notifications via email/text/phone. 

Thank you again for all of your support in your student's education!!
Ms. Kamiyama

Monday, August 27th-Minimum day with dismissal at 12:45pm.
Monday, September 3rd-Labor Day Holiday- NO SCHOOL
Monday, September 10th-NO SCHOOL
Monday, September 17th-Minimum day with dismissal at 12:45pm
Monday, September 24-Friday, September 28-PARENT CONFERENCES (Minimum Days all week-dismissal at 12:45pm)

School starts on Monday, August 6th! It's a minimum day with dismissal at 12:45pm. I can't wait to meet you and for us to begin 'PAVING THE ROAD TO SUCCESS."  
Fall Picture Day (yearbook/ID) Tuesday, August 14th
Back to School Night-Wednesday, August 15th (schedule to be sent home with students)

Save the Dates:
Parent Conferences Monday,September 24-Friday, September 28 (Minimum Days all week-dismissal at 12:45pm)