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***I am available after school Tuesday & Thursday from 2:15-3:00 to assist students***

***CAASPP TESTING: APRIL 23RD - MAY 3RD*** ***Monday, 5/20/19 is a Minimum Day*** **Big Al's Field Trip on Tues., 5/21. Permission slips are due by Friday, 5/17** **Homeroom Brunch is on Wed., 5/22 from 8:00 AM to 9:25 AM** ***Thursday, 5/23/19 is a Minimum Day*** LAST DAY OF SCHOOL IS MAY 23rd, 2019



To access ConnectED at home, please use the following link:‚Äč

MATH Google Classroom Codes: Homeroom- zlwx423 Switch- jh331ko Upcoming Tests/Quizzes: (*Please note that these dates are subject to change based on the needs of the students.)

  • Chapter 10 TEST CORRECTIONS are due on: TBA
  • Chapter 10 Quiz is on: Wed., 5/8/19
  • Chapter 10 Test is on: Tues., 5/14/19
  • Statistic Project is Due: Fri., 5/16/19



SCIENCE Google Classroom Codes: Homeroom- 2x89ps Switch- 2u6ila Upcoming Quizzes :
  • 12-4 Quiz is on:Tues., 4/30/19
  • 13-1 Quiz is on: Wed., 5/8/19
  • 13-2 Quiz is on: Tues., 5/14/19
  • 13-3 Quiz is on: Fri., 5/17/19

*Best preparation for science quizzes is to study your notes.

Upcoming Study Guides:

  • Chapter 12 Study Guide is due on: Thurs., 5/2/19
  • Chapter 13 Study Guide is due on: Mon., 5/20/19

Upcoming Tests:

  • Ch. 12 TEST is on: Thurs., 5/2/19
  • Ch. 13 TEST is on: Mon., 5/20/19

*Best preparation for science tests are your to study your Study Guide.




UPDATED AS OF 1/7/19: Math/Science Test Correction Procedures:

 I will allow "Test Corrections" on Chapter Test/Quizzes for those who scored 69% or below. This is designed to be a learning experience, as well as an avenue to help improve the students original score. The original test must be signed by a parent/guardian in order for me to accept and enter the new "Test Correction"grade of up to 70%. I highly recommend that your student attends on Wednesday's after school to complete the test correction with me (from 2:15 PM- 2:45 pm). This allows me to effectively reteach as necessary, scaffold students in finding their errors and correcting them, and clarifying any misconceptions to master the concepts. 

***Please be sure to follow ALL procedures listed on the cover sheet attached to the original test (also stated below). Students will have one week from the day the test/quiz was returned or less to complete their test corrections.***

Test Corrected Procedures
     *   The original test MUST be signed.
     *   Corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper.  
     *   Only redo the questions that were missed.
     *   Write out the questions first, and number them.
     *   Show ALL work.
     *  State your error analysis (the mistake made and how it was corrected) in a complete sentence.

     *  Staple corrections to the original test
     *  Hand in directly to the teacher.
     * Schedule an appointment to re-take the test with the teacher in a timely manner (within a week of the when the original test was given).
     * Re-take the test before school or after school based on appointment.

Please Note: The last two bullet points are NOT necessary for math/science quizzes.