Announcements / Upcoming Events
WOW! Hi all! So, we are in a very unique situation with school closures! I will
be communicating with you in regards to the work we will be doing during this 
closure. It will take a few days to get up and running, but as of right now, the
math notes for chapter 9 are on Google Classroom. Some of you got the notes 
in 6th period Friday if you were at school, but homeroom did not. You also have 
the option to use your consumable math book volume 2 which is in your possession.
I will post detailed information about day to day lessons and activities on my homework page. Stay tuned! 

Help with usernames and passwords:

Hello 7th Graders and Families! A few reminders about policies:

I accept late work one day after the due date. The highest score a student can earn for a late assignment is 70%. 

Spiral Reviews are there to help review previously taught lessons! Show what you know! These are a weekly assignment given on Monday and due every Friday. See me if you need help! 

I am available most days after school until 3pm if a student needs help. If possible, let me know if you plan to come in. 

I accept test and quiz corrections for any test or quiz scoring below a C- for up to a C-! These are due by the due date in the grade book next to the test or quiz-no later unless approved ahead of time. To do corrections, you must: Rewrite the problem or questions/items and redo the problems missed on a separate sheet of paper. Then, staple it to the original. Next, get a parent signature on the original, and finally, turn it into my tray for a regrade by the due date! 

Below is a suggested supply list. Any purchase is voluntary. 

Spiral Bound Notebook

Red and Blue or Black pens
Lined paper
Scissors and glue sticks
One folder for each class
Ear buds