Welcome to a year of "Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today!" Fundraiser is on! To contribute click on this link! https://give.livingtree.com/c/summit-intermediate-one-and-done-fundraiser Monday: 8/26 Minimum Day! MATH: Lesson 1-6 pp. 55-56 #1-15 all.

SCIENCE: Study for Chapter 3 test. Test is tomorrow. Be sure to bring in your foldable to use for test. Tuesday: 8/27 MATH: p. 42 #1-9 all. SCIENCE: Chapter 3 test today. 4-1 vocabulary definitions on back of foldable. Wednesday: 8/28 MATH: Quiz Lessons 1-1 to 1-4. 20 minutes IXL Level J E.1/E.2/E.3 SCIENCE: None due to assembly!

Thursday: 8/29 MATH: Lesson 1-5 pp. 47-48 #1-20 all + 2 H.O.T. problems SCIENCE: Study for 3-3 Section Quiz. Quiz is tomorrow. Friday: 8/30 Career Dress Up Day! MATH: No homework SCIENCE: 3-3 Section Quiz today! No homework! Have a great weekend.