Welcome back, parents!

I hope everyone is coming back recharged. :) Please see below for reminders. 

iReady Testing
We are iReady testing this week on Tuesday and Wednesday with a testing schedule. 

Family Life
​Family Life starts on Monday 12/3 - 12/14. There is a homework assignment that will be going home. It is just a discussion; there's no need to write any answers down. If you opted your student out of family life, they will be participating in an alternate curriculum those weeks. 

​Santa usually visits our classroom during the winter holiday time. He brings goodies and answers a few skeptical questions from the students. ;) *Not all of us celebrate in the same ways, so I am asking that you please let me know if Santa visiting is something that you are not interested in having  your student participate in. We have a few other activities planned that we can do instead! :) Thank you!

Language Arts
- Reading Log due Friday
- December book report assigned today, DUE December 19th.
- One page of skill packet each night. The page will be labeled.


Friday Spirit Wear

Football attire