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Great resource for logging into any of our online resources: Website for Resources.

 Helpful hints: 

--Make sure that everyone is logged out of Google Chrome on the device before having your student sign in.

--For ConnectED click the ConnectED link at the website above then choose the ConnectED button on the apps page that opens.

--For i-Ready click on the i-Ready link on the web site above then choose "Log in with Google" when the i-Ready window opens

--Passwords are case sensitive.

The Etiwanda School District provides virtual classroom lessons through the distance learning plan.  Please note that during virtual sessions there is no expectation of privacy, students and anything in their background will be in view of the class. Those who prefer not to have their image shown may elect to turn off the video camera during the virtual session.
Also: The ESD website has reliable sources to help you with our school closure due to Covid-19. Please check it out

Pali Mountain Video & Photo Links:

Make sure to save the video and/or photos to your hard drive. They won't stay up there forever. 

Accelerated Reader Due Dates: (Individual AR Goals are taped inside of students' PRIDE Planners:

9/12: Trimester One AR Half Goal Due
10/24: Trimester One AR Goal Due
12/18:Trimester Two AR Half Goal Due
2/13: Trimester Two AR Goal Due
4/2: Trimester Three AR Half Goal Due
5/12: Trimester Three AR Goal Due

i-ready #1: 8/7-8/9
i-ready #2: 
i-ready #3: 3/10/20-3/12/20

Business Day #1​: November 22, 2019
Business Day #2​:
 March 20, 2020
Business Day #23: May 19, 2020
Battle of the Books: May 2, 2020

Scholastic Scope Code: mintlook6