Announcements / Upcoming Events

***A few remaining yearbooks will be sold Monday morning during homeroom only for $75.00 cash only. Send students with money secure in an envelope and know that at this late date the yearbooks will sell out and everyone may not get one.***

First Day of School/Minimum Day​:
Aug. 6

i-ready #3:

Business Day #2​:

Battle of the Books: April 20, 2019

Field Day #3​: May 17th  

Business Day #3 & Class Parties​: May 21st 

Yearbook Party & Movie Day​: May 22nd

Bowling Field Trip​: May 23rd 

Summit Pali Video Link:

In-n-Out Donation Prices for Homeroom Party-5/21:

Cheeseburger or Hamburger: $3.00
Double Double w/Cheese: $4.50
Double Double w/out Cheese: $4.00
French Fries: $2.00

I will take student orders in class.