Summer Bridge Activities

Summer Bridge Activities

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8th Grade Math/Science

General - Complete any lessons that have not been completed during the school year.  Review your math workbooks chapters 1-9, these contain everything to review and there are also online tutorials in ConnectEd for those chapters.  




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Choice Board/Various Activities

6-8 Math Choice Board


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At Home 8th Grade Math Activity Packet

Integers Practice

What is an Integer? Video

Math Minutes

Each Minute consists of 10 problems of varying degrees of difficulty for students to complete within a one- to two-minute period.

Math Minutes - 8th Grade.pdf 

Countdown to SBAC

SBAC Countdown.pdf

Interactive Math 

Math Topics

Angle Pairs Game 

8th Grade Math Jeopardy Review

Jeopardy - 8th Grade Math Review 

BrainPOP - Math Topics

Login: Summitis

Password: shark

Multiplication Facts


ConnectEd (be logged in to your Etiwanda Google account)

Fraction Decimal Matching

Fraction Decimal Pairs

Mini Notebook

Mini Notebook .pdf

Finish up the mini notebook we started in UA class

Math Pathways

Grade 8 Math Pathways Algebra.pdf 




Science News for Students

*Use the website to access articles about current discoveries in science.

News ELA

Newsela Science Articles


Frontiers for Young Minds

*An open-access scientific journal written by scientists & reviewed by a board of kids & teens.

PhET Interactive Simulations

BrainPOP - Science Topics

BrainPOP - Science 

Login: Summitis

Password: shark

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